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In these years of unpredictable, and often extreme weather, there are only a few lucky farmers around who haven't dealt with down corn. You know how aggravating it can be to try to push through knocked over sections of your field, only to have the corn bulldozed into a pile, and you have to back up and drive over it, leaving good yield to rot on the ground. If you have experienced these problems, and you want to leave those memories in the past, Meteer Manufacturing's Corn Reels can help.

Our Down Corn Reels mount on your corn head, and the revolving fingers of the reel help to feed corn into your head, and prevent leaving good corn in the field. Although you can't go regular speed through your damaged corn, our reels will allow you to get through corn you normally would have lost, saving you money and yield.

Meteer Corn Reels are operated by a hydraulic motor and chain drive, and are built for years of hard work using solid steel fingers, not hollow square tube. Meteer corn reels also utilize rubber finger extensions that give you an extra 4-6 inches of reach down into the rows, without the risk of catching the steel portion of the finger in the snout of the head. Consider a Meteer Corn Reel as an addition to your equipment arsenal. You don't need to save too many acres of down corn to easily pay for the cost of a Meteer Corn Reel.

Specifications And Photos

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[IMAGE] End view of a 2208 Case IH poly head with rubber finger extensions. Rubber finger extensions help prevent damage to the more delicate poly head parts. Extensions also keep trash moving into the cross auger better under some circumstances like extremely dry conditions.

Rear view of same head.

Front view of the same head. Shows finger placement and position of motor.

 Front view of a 2408 Internation head.

 Side view of 2408 International head.

An example of our arm end that allows forward and backward adjustment of the reel on the head.

 Front view of John Deere 608C

 Front view of John Deere 608C

 Back view of John Deere 608C

 Drago head.

 Mounted Drago head.

12 row Caterpillar head. Note the dual drive motors required for the larger 12 row heads.

Front view of same head.

Close up of dual drive motors.

Full width front view of Cat head.

Rubber finger extension close up. Other reels with square tube can't use these hose extensions. A cheap way to protect your expensive head.

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Note: All kits include hydraulic motors.
Finger extension kits are now included with all corn reel kits.

Reel Type
Basic Price
6-row 30"
6-row Wide
8-row 30"
8-row Wide

Extra fingers
$115 each (Includes rubber finger extension)

Repair parts available for older units. Call for details.


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